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Roxio Creator Pro has become one of the most popular and affordable software programs to edit videos, burn DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s, and to enhance your digital photos.  But we’ve just found some pretty good deals to help you save on your purchase.  See below for the full list of Roxio Creator 2012 coupon codes and promotions as well as deals available on Roxio Creator 2012 upgrade discounts and free trials. Roxio usually releases a new version of Creator every year in August so be sure to come back for Roxio Creator 2013 coupons as soon as the new version is released next year.



Get Roxio Creator at Amazon for up to 25% off the retail price now on sale now at In addition, most orders qualify for free standard ground shipping and no sales tax (depending on the state that you are shipping your order to).  Amazon carries several versions of Roxio Creator so be sure to take a look at all the prices as they may vary across versions.


Get 15% off with coupon code + a $20.00 mail-in rebate on both Roxio Creator 2012 Standard and Pro editions. Be sure to enter coupon code ROXIOSTORE15 at order checkout to activate the sale price. The rebate form is automatically added to your cart. This offer is only valid at the official Roxio Store at This promo code expires will be valid until the end of the month.


Get $50.00 off instantly on the upgrade version, plus an additional 15% off when you use coupon ROXIOSTORE15. has upgrade discount for those that currently own a qualifying older version of Roxio Creator software. If you already own a Roxio product, this is the best way to go as the upgrade price allows you to also use the same coupon as the full-priced version.  This coupon code will expire at the end of the month.


Download and try the free 30-day trial of Roxio Creator 2012. has all the latest versions of all their software available for trial use.  Most versions work for 30 days after you first download the version.  After that, it automatically expires unless you purchase a license. No credit card is required to access the free download.


Get 15% off Roxio Creator 2012 Standard with voucher code ROXIOSTORE15 at the store. If you are looking to purchase the Pro version, then the same code works as well.  Be sure to enter the code at the time of order checkout to see the savings reflected in your cart. This discount code also expires at the end of the month but we expect a new one to come soon after to replace it.


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Our review of Roxio Creator 2012:

Roxio has always been one of the top products used to back up my digital content and data and you can expect the same from its latest product, Roxio Creator 2012. Technology continues to evolve and expend, surprising us with new possibilities and Creator 2012 is keeping pace with it by adding capabilities of not only coping media but create original content and sharing it with your friends and family through the Internet.

Roxio Creator 2012 is broken down into 5 sections: 3D, Video and Movies, Music and Audio, Photo and Sharing, and Data and Copy. The new 3D capabilities of the software allow you to create 3D movies and pictures and edit content in 3D. Creating 3D movies is arguably one of the highlights of Roxio Creator 2012. The process comes down to selecting an option that creates DVDs and indicating it’s a 3D project. After answering a few questions and choosing the content to be transformed into 3D, the software converts your 2D video into 3D. Once the conversion is complete, you can edit it by adding chapters. All the edit options are very easy to manage and they are organized in a very logical manner. Your 3D movies can be shared on YouTube or Facebook directly form Roxio Creator 2011 by choosing it form Output menu. Finally, you can also create 3D photos in a similar fashion as 3D movies. It requires more tweaking comparing to the movies and might be a bit more complicated, nevertheless, once you master the options provided by the software, creating 3D photos shouldn’t take more time than a regular editing of a picture.

Videos and Movies is another section equipped with lots of options that allow you to create and improve your existing videos. VideoWave allows you to create new projects that combine videos, pictures, and audio to produce new original content. Once you select the videos, you can trim them to fit your needs, add effects (text effects i.e. adding a title), transitions between the clips, and audio. All the edit options provide lots of additional choices allowing your creativity to effortlessly put together quality material. Keep in mind that all new material that you create in Roxio Creator 2012 does not affect the original video or audio files you use in your production so you can save your creation and use the original material over and over. You might also find web capturing function very useful (one of my favorite features). This function allows you to save videos seen on the web into numerous devices (DVD, smart phone, iPod, and many others). The interface is uncomplicated and walks you through the entire process. You can also transfer your Tivo content onto a DVD (even eliminate any unwanted parts) and save it for future use. New with the software is also the ability to eliminate often unavoidable shake in you footage and stabilize the video.

Aside from burning music, Roxio Creator 2012 comes with other great audio features.  Creating music CDs, you can decide on transition between songs and have them overlap, decide on length of a gap between them, or have Roxio match beats and create transitions similar to those made by DJs. You can also edit and mix audio tracks to fit them into your videos. You are able to fade audio in and out, adjust volume and balance, clean up audio, add sound effects, and even record audio and insert into existing song. If you have some old LP and tapes you can connect old equipment to your computer and record audio material on a new device. There are charts available to help you connect the equipment and once you finish recording audio from the old equipment, you can edit it further. Finally, you can even create your own ring tones for everyone you know if you wish and possibilities here are endless.

With Roxio Creator 2012 you can create fun photo slideshows, enhance and edit pictures, restore old photographs (with Roxio PhotoSuite), create panoramas by stitching pictures, and share them on your social portals. Bear in mind that this is not Photoshop but it takes care of some basic enhancements. Your options include: AutoFix (takes care of saturation, exposure, sharpness, red eye), rotate, flip, resize, special effects (black and white, sepia), rename, or convert photo into a different format. Restoring old photographs is a great feature of this software and presents you with many options to improve damaged pictures. You can go with AutoFix and have the software take care of the problems or do it on your own. If you like to make changes personally, you can straighten the photo, remove scratches, dust, wrinkles, and even turn sepia photographs into black and white.

Roxio Creator 2012 is still one of the easiest ways to back up or copy information. It takes as little as one click to burn a CD or just drag the files you want to back up and drop them on a disk icon for the process to begin. The back up can be done on a CD, DVD, or a Blu-ray Disc and you can simply follow the prompts on the screen. The software also enables you to copy any unprotected DVD and burn DVDs from ISO image files.

In the past I was mainly interested in burning music and backing up data on CDs but today Roxio Creator 2012 offers so many new options, it’s hard to even know all it can do without spending some time with it. It is a very comprehensive software, sort of a one-place stop for photos, audio, and video manipulation and enhancement, and luckily it comes with tutorials to understand how to use it and take advantage all of its capabilities.

Much has been commented on Roxio Creator 2012 and awarded it with Silver Award 2011 and the overall score of 3.5 out of 4 stars. One area that prevented the software from receiving the perfect score was the fact that installation process, although not complicated, is quite lengthy and much longer than any of the major competing products. If that doesn’t deter you though, you will enjoy industry-top quality features set, ease of use, and great help in its built-in user guide. Roxio Creator 2011 was ranked No. 2 because it “has solid features and help support and is easy to use.”

Roxio Creator 2012 received many accolades from several other sources, including,, Gizmodo, Forbes,, MediaBeat, and Technologizer. All of them have focused on the new 3D capabilities of the software but also mention how complete the the product is.


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