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The all new Game Capture for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 is now here and can help you capture all of your Xbox 360 and PS3 game plays and transfer them to your computer for editing and posting on YouTube. But you don’t need to pay full price to get your hands on a software copy for your PC/Mac or on the available device accessories (like the Component HD AV Cable).  See below for all our Roxio Game Capture coupon codes and promotions to help save you up to on your order from  We also have a review coming here soon so stay tuned for our review of Roxio Game Capture.



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Our review of Roxio Game Capture

With Roxio Game Capture you record your play directly on your computer. The video can be recorded in AVI, WMV, DivX, or MP4 format. On top of that you can edit your game play by adding sound effects (background audio, voice-over), text effects, or video effects. Some other interesting effects you can add to your videos are: blur effect, pixellate effect, replicator video (splitting the screen into smaller ones), speed up or slow down some scenes.  These tools allow for making a very elaborate product that will provide help to other co-gamers. The last step is to post it online on Youtube, Facebook, or WeGame.

Roxio Game Capture has become a popular product because it’s not complicated to use and the set up is quite rudimentary as well. In a nutshell, your gaming console connects directly to Roxio Game Capture that connects to a monitor with two cables and a UBS cable to your computer. You can play a game and still view it on the screen and your computer simultaneously. The set up directions are very comprehensible and you can run the first video capture test in minutes. In case you need any help related to the product, Roxio offers plenty of help. I was poking around on Roxio’s website and there are forums on all the products Roxio sells. The one for Game Capture contains tips and solutions to some problems the users ran into and judging by the statistics provided by the website, the members are quite active in helping one another.
Once you capture your production, it’s time to edit and share it. Your work area, if you will, consists of four major sections. On the left hand side you find your content and tools. This is where you decide to add videos or photos, audio, text, transitions, or overlay to your final product. The second area is on your right and consists of media and effect selections. Here you access your captured videos, pictures or music, and decide on transition, video, overlay and text effects. This is where personalization of your videos really takes shape thanks to the abundance of edit options provided by Roxio team. There are too many effects to try to list or explain them. The preview screen that displays what you’re currently working on occupies the central section of the screen. Finally, Production editor is right under the preview screen and that’s where you decide how things work.

In order to get started you have to access your media and decide which video you want to edit. Then simply drag it into the first available slot and this becomes your starting point. If there are parts of that video that you don’t want to show or don’t care about, you can make it shorter. In order to add audio or text to your video, highlight the video in the production editor and choose the effect you want to add from the content section. Every effect can be applied to the entire video or just a portion of it. Adding text, for example, you can choose font type and size, where the text appears and change its location by dragging the text box. If you decide to add another video to your production, you can add a transition between the two by dragging a transition effect to the transition box between the slots of the production editor. There are numerous effects to choose from, and if you are the first time user, you can click on each effect to preview how they look like and work. Uploading is very straightforward and the upload speed depends on the length of your video.

Thanks to its editing options, ease of use, and recording tools, Roxio Game Capture was awarded 2011 Gold Award by Although there were only three other products to compare with, it’s still worth mentioning that the reviewer explained the choice by saying the product “provides more gaming-specific features and tools than any other game recording device reviewed.” Apparently the only negative comment was related to the lack of compatibility with Mac computers. The reviews found in other sources are more divided on the quality of Roxio Game Capture. Cnet gave it 2.5 out of five and its users 3 out of 5. Again, ability to edit videos and the ease of use are the strongest parts of the program but at times editing isn’t “as easy as it should be.” PCWorld gave Roxio Game Capture 3 out of 5 score listing limited capture resolution and not perfect editing as the program’s cons. The 3 stars the program earned were credited to low cost and easy set up. The reviewer summed it up that once the editing issues he encountered are resolved “we’d have a solid contender on our hands.” Ohgizmo called it “a diamond in the rough” and even though it complained about the 480p video capture, it is “the ultimate package” for gamers.

For those who enjoy playing games and strive to reach ever-higher lever, there is now opportunity to record your play and share with the other fellow gamers. This directly leads to collaboration on solving difficult and tricky game tasks and missions, helping others get better, and perhaps most important, showing off your skills. Roxio Game Capture is a simple device that allows recording your XBOX 360 and PS3 play, editing it, and later sharing with others.

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