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Some of the best offers of the season have just been released on the all new Roxio Toast 11 Titanium.  Now you can capture, burn, convert, and share all your digital media and files on your Mac or PC without having to pay the full price to get a copy. See below for our favorite Roxio Toast 11 coupon codes and promotions, including links to the 30 day free trials and upgrade discounts for existing customers.  If we are missing any good offers then please let us know and we’ll add it here on this page.  As soon as Roxio releases Roxio Toast 12 Titanium (rumored to come in late-2012), then we will list all the available coupons here on


Get 15% off with coupon and an extra $20.00 off with mail-in rebate for a total of $30.00 off on Roxio Toast 11 Titanium Pro or Standard. You will need to enter this coupon code at order checkout to active the promo price: ROXIOSTORE15. You will also see the rebate form added to your order which will need to be completed and returned to get the extra $20.00 discount by mail. This deal expires at the end of the month.


Get 15% off, free shipping and no sales tax on most orders of Roxio 11 now on sale at Amazon, which is an authorized reseller of Roxio software, now has both the Standard and Pro versions on sale.  Plus, depending on which state you are shipping your order to, you can also avoid the sales tax in most cases.  They also carry some of the older versions for up to 50% off if you don’t need the newest features.


Upgrade to Roxio Toast 11 Titanium for Mac and get $50.00 off instantly and another 15% off with coupon ROXIOSTORE15. This deal at is one of the best deals for folks that already own a qualifying older version of Roxio Toast. See site for full offer qualifications, terms, and conditions.  The upgrade discount is ongoing but the promo code expires at the end of the month.


Go to to get a free trial version of Roxio Creator 11. Any available free trials of Roxio software will be located here.  Just be sure to avoid any downloads located at 3rd party websites as many of these copies contain spyware and viruses that can potentially harm your computer.


Get 15% off Roxio Toast 11 any other Roxio purchase with code ROXIOSTORE15 at All you need to do is to copy and paste this code into the coupon code box at the time you begin the checkout process. This discount code is set to expire at the end of the month.


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Our review of Roxio Toast 11:

Roxio Toast 11 is one of the most comprehensive programs to burn and make copies of any of your digital material. Roxio has a long history of creating quality products used for burning and the newest version offers conversions and coping of digital material for the newest tech devices. Currently, they offers two versions of its new product: Titanium for Mac users and Pro for PC.

Making copies of your data is very uncomplicated. From your user interface select Data tab and decide whether a disk you’re creating is a Mac only or Mac & PC disk. Name your disk and go to Media tab to specify the files to back up. You can browse for the files and once you locate them simply drag-and-drop them in the content area. You can also search for audio, video, or photos only to further narrow your search. If you happen to select several different file types to back up and they appear very unorganized, Roxio Toast allows to create new folders in the content area, shuffle the files around as you please, and then burn them. At this point you can choose options such as data compression, encryption, open a disk window right after mounting, and avoiding splitting files if more than one disk is needed for a back-up. When you are ready to burn files, specify what type of disk you use (CD, DVD, Blue Ray) and let Roxio do the rest. You can also burn several copies at once using multiple drives.

Similarly easy is a conversion of video, image, and audio files into several different media types. Once you select files (for example video files) to convert, you can preview and edit them making sure they meet your requirements. Roxio Toast gives you some neat tools to edit your video. You can trim the video and even create chapters. You also have access to several audio options and finally to video set up. Video set up options include: Apple hardware (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone), Video Game Systems (Play Station, Wii, Xbox 360), Mobile Devices (Android, BlackBerry), Internet Formats (Facebook, YouTube), File Formats (DivX, MPEG, MKV), and Custom Profile. With the latter option you can create your own profile to control for size, sample/aspect ratio and save it future use. Once you select all the video export options, you can preview a portion of your video to see how it will look. This is a useful tool, in case you’re not satisfied with the quality, you can change it before exporting it. You can also schedule a conversion for a specific time and date, this way it will not interfere with your current activities and can be done when you’re not using the coputer.

Roxio Toast Pro 11 (this version is more expensive than Titanium) offers some additional features you might find desirable:

  • A full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements – Edit your pictures, add effects, rate pictures, tag people, places events, geo tag people, stitch pictures and combine different styles, upload directly to Facebook, and filter pictures by keyword tags.
  • FotoMagico 3 RE – Put together your pictures and videos into a slide show, add music, text and transitions.
  • BIAS SoundSoap 2 SE – Tweak the quality of your file by removing all types of unwanted noise; simple interface for fast tune up.
  • SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 – Create your own soundtrack to accompany your video; adjust the length of songs, change moods as scenes change, align music with the events.
  • BD Plug-in for Toast 11 – Burn HD video into DVD or Blue-ray. awarded Roxio Toast 11 Gold Award 2011 and called it “the best Mac CD burning application.” The product excelled in all the judged categories: Feature Set, Supported Media, Disk Types, Ease of Use, and Help/Support. Although it is one of the most expensive products in its category on the market, the quality of the product makes up for the price. The reviewer ended up saying that “even the advanced features are easy to access and utilize.”

Macworld gave Roxio Toast 11 four out of five stars, underscoring the new easy-to-use interface, direct upload to major social and video websites, and support for multiple burners. On the negative side, the reviewer mentioned not-so-great Spin Doctor and somewhat basic tools to edit videos to be uploaded on the Internet. Nevertheless, with the new version of Roxio Toast “you’ll be rewarded with a better app and more included functionality.”

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