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Get $10.00 off instantly on all orders above $199 when you use coupon code: SAVE10. We also recommend you try coupons “complete5” and “build3” if you are buying high priced items as you can save up to 5%. We checked and it appears all of these coupons work on all sale-priced items too. Just enter the code at order checkout to take advantage of this deal.


Save up to 50% on sale and clearance items now at If you are flexible in the building materials for your project, we recommend that you see the full list of items available this week. Most are either last chance items or special buys available in limited quantities and colors. is a website geared towards home improvement, which focuses more on decorating your place rather than being an outlet to all possible building supplies. Although some of its categories overlap those of Home Depot or Lowe’s, strength lies in plethora of options offered to accommodate every corner of your house.

At first the website is a bit cluttered and overwhelming with all the options offered, it’s hard to focus on one section before getting distracted by other displays. There are ever-changing slide shows, current promotions, exhibition of participating brands, etc. I had to just slow down and study what’s really offered and how are those alternatives categorized. I feel that succeeded in providing solution for people interested in something particular. You can either shop for products based on type of room you’re upgrading, department (outdoor living, hardware, appliances, etc), or brands. One interesting category is Project: Home that offers ideas on energy efficient solutions for your home, product updates that make a big visual impact, form and functionality, help finding your style, and new ideas. All these categories offer interesting solutions, design ideas, and articles to educate you further on a topic. As a home owner you might be interested in installing energy efficient products that will eventually not only be good for environment but also on your wallet. That portion of the website is educational in nature with some short video tips on gas, power, and water efficiency, list of ways to become efficient together with tips from Facebook users paired with the top efficient products. Big Impact portion of the website offers tips on little changes in design or products used that will give your place a fresh look without spending a fortune. If you select a product you like, aside from pictures and the price you will find product reviews, installation guide, and the links to similar items by the same manufacturer. Finally, you can ask the community about the product you’re interested in buying regarding its functionality, installation, or anything else you might wonder about. strives to present the broadest selection of products for home improvement. In case an item you’re looking for is not available on the website, you are encouraged to look for it in one of its network stores. One advantage is that you don’t need to set up a new user account on the other websites, the same user name and password used at works at the network websites. They include:

  • – faucets, sinks, and plumbing fixtures; info articles and videos
  • – chandeliers, lamps, wall and outdoor light, and various articles on design and home improvement using lighting fixtures.
  • – range hoods, exhaust fans, air conditioners, humidifiers, ducting, heaters, bath, utility, attic, and ceiling fans
  • – door hardware and accessories, locks, knobs, levers.
  • – cabinet hardware such as knobs, pulls, organizers, hinges, etc.
  • – fireplaces, stove and chimney pipes, chimney caps

One good thing about all these websites is that their interface is very similar. Once you get familiar with one of them, it’s easier to get around the remaining ones. They are designed in accord with allowing you to search for products based on rooms, type of product, themes, or brands. There is also a section for discount coupons on selected products if price is the factor in your purchase decision.

Once you set up your account, you can begin shopping. On the main page of there is a link to coupons, which is more elaborate that the one on the network websites. The coupons are divided into departments (plumbing, lighting, hardware, appliance, HVAC, tools) and each category contains coupons for particular brand. You can also present your projects to to request a special pricing. If the company considers your project is big enough, you might qualify for additional savings. There is also an option to sign up for Professional Program. This might be of interest to business owners who purchase in home improvement stores on regular basis. Membership is free and only requires filling out an application with some general information and you’re on your way to enjoy return of products without any questions asked, greater selection of products, and a dedicated representative to help you get the right products you need. also has its own blog, Twitter and Facebook page, as well as a YouTube channel with product spotlights, learning center, quick tips, and how to videos. The videos are short and hopefully can teach you a thing or two on home improvement and maintenance.

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