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Nextiva makes some of most popular 2012 virtual PBX products. Contrary to popular belief, this type of service allows for considerable savings over a traditional phone system, provides high call quality, and gives you management that is simple (without having a dedicated tech specialist). But don’t pay full price when ordering from Nextiva. See below for our most popular Nextiva coupon codes and discounts for


Get Nextiva vFax now for just $4.95 per month. Nextiva’s online fax service will help you send faxes by email, phone or Microsoft Office as well as help you never miss another fax again. This is one of the best prices we’ve seen, especially if you compare it to eFax or MyFax which cost more than twice as much per month. No additional Nextiva coupon codes are needed for this promotional price.


Get Nextiva Office Business VoIP Phone System for as low as $21.95 per line. This includes unlimited minutes, both local and tool-free numbers, a virtual fax number, and US-based support. You can also quickly expand your service as your business grows. See for discount details and pricing available.


Get a free trial of Nextiva Connect 100. You can sign up at for to get your free trial of Connect 100. Select from either a local or 1-800-number. No hidden fees or contract is required, just be sure to cancel before the free trial period is over. See site for full offer details. See our full review of Nextiva Connect and inTalk.



Our review of Nextiva PBX

This virtual PBX system is designed to forward calls and its draw is that you can simply set up many different scenarios and make changes to them anytime. Nextiva assigns a number to you (local or 800-number) but you also have a freedom to choose one from a list. You will then record a personalized message, set call rules, and set up forwarding, which will even send a text or email alerts to you if you miss a call.

All the setups are performed in the Office Manager, accessed from your computer. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can set up a forward to several different numbers. This feature also works with extensions. Nextiva Connect greets a caller for you (a message you can record ahead of time) and allows extensions for either employees or departments. If a customer is trying to reach a salesman who is currently unavailable, the PBX can for example forward the call to the next person or from one number to another until someone picks up. By adding several numbers, you make sure the call doesn’t go unattended. Another option is to simultaneously forward the call to the particular salesman, having his/her cell phone, landline, and mobile VoIP ring at the same time giving a caller better chances of getting in touch with that person.

Besides the features and benefits already mentioned, you should know that with Nextiva Connect you will also receive:

  • – Number portability from your previous provider.
  • – Holiday and after hours special greetings – you can have the PBX system sync with your company hours and special days/events, simply record and play a new message and decide on time and its duration from Office Manager.
  • – Web portal interface – a place that makes this technology easier to implement; here you set up connections, call forwards, add numbers, view calling and billing history, etc.

Aside from its goal to connect people, all the above features have a secondary benefit, which is making your company look bigger. A PBX system that your customers will have to navigate (with the help of Auto-Attendant) will make an impression of a larger business. By choosing an 800-number and distinct local numbers (they can be combined), your company will seem to have a regional or national reach.
Nextiva offers monthly plans based on number of minutes used, or you can just get an unlimited plan. Prices vary depending if you pay monthly of prepay for the entire year.

Several sites rated Nextiva Connect 3.5 out of 5 stars. Among the strengths it mentioned affordability with unlimited plan and simple plan options. The website also provides much information of how to set up and solve any technical challenges, but in case that’s not enough, Nextiva offers a good technical support. Finishing the list of pros are department dedicated to porting your existing numbers and no necessity for any contracts, just a month to month service. On the flip side, there is only one incoming line included in the service (more can be added for a fee) and a separate Internet fax. Even with those shortcomings that result in a higher overall bill (if you decide to include them), Nextiva Connect offers reasonably priced and a simple to set up system worth trying out.

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