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Some of the best deals of the season are now here for the new QuickBooks 2016 software line.  See below for the full list of all our latest coupons and promotions available for both full and upgrade versions at intuit.com. We are also keeping track of the weekly deals at all of Intuit’s authorized resellers.  Be on the lookout for QuickBooks 2017 special offer codes as they are released in late 2016.


Get $150.00 with instant coupon on QuickBooks Premier 2016! Or you can also save $100.00 if you choose QuickBooks Pro or Mac.  This offer is automatically applied to your order when you follow our deal link. This price will be valid until the end of the month.


Get up to 50% off QuickBooks Online 2016.  The same QuickBooks that you love on your PC is now available online.  That means that there is no software to install and you can access your books anytime, anywhere and from any computer. Follow the coupon link to save up to 50% on your first 6 months of service.


Save up to $200.00 on select QuickBooks Desktop products at Amazon. Plus most orders get free ground shipping. The discounts can vary across the different versions and years with the best deals on the multi-license versions (no additional coupons required).  Amazon is an authorized reseller of Intuit software.


Get up to $40.00 off QuickBooks 2016 digital downloads available at Staples. Now you don’t need to pay for shipping or wait to have the box arrive as you can download your order immediately after purchase.  You’re also covered by their low price guarantee.


Save up to £200.00 on QuickBooks 2016 software now on sale at Amazon.co.uk. Amazon carries all of the best selling accounting software at some of the best prices in the United Kingdom, including QuickBooks, Business Accounts, Sage Instant Accounts, and others. Most versions include free domestic dispatch.  See Amazon for full sale details.


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Save up to $100.00 with coupon on QuickBooks Pro 2016. QuickBooks Pro is by far the most popular desktop version of QuickBooks for 2016.  And now with the available offers and coupon codes you can save up to $100.00 on the full retail price.  Plus, you may qualify for either special free shipping or instant download directly from Intuit.com and can start using your software today.  With new Quickbooks Pro 2016, see key client information at a glance, complete batch invoicing, and stay on top of all your accounts receivables.

Save up to $150.00 with coupon code on QuickBooks Premier 2016. QuickBooks Premier has all the features of the Pro 2015 edition but with advanced reporting tools that are customized for the business industry.  It’s a popular option for companies with 5 to 1000 employees.  We currently have several coupons and promo codes available for QuickBooks Premier 2016 that can help you save anywhere from $100 to $150 off the full retail price.  You may also qualify for free shipping and a mail-in rebate from select stores.  See the official promotional terms and conditions for the official details.

Get up to $100.00 off on QuickBooks Mac 2016 with coupon code. You can also qualify for free ground shipping or free instant download.  Similar to the Pro edition, QuickBooks Mac 2016 is one of the best selling accounting software solutions available but made exclusively for the Mac.  This is a limited time promotion that is expected to expire a the end of the month. See intuit.com for full offer details, terms and conditions.

Save $200.00 on QuickBooks Accountant 2016. The all new accountants version of QuickBooks Pro 2016 is the ultimate software to streamline your work-flow and manage clients.  Special upgrade discount codes are also listed if you happen to be using an older version of the software.  The standard free shipping promotion and no sales tax (in most states) applies to most Amazon orders. Certain restrictions may apply – See site for full terms and conditions.

Save up to $150.00 on QuickBooks Contractor 2016 with coupon. With QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2016, you basically receive all the features of the Pro version but with special advanced tools tailored for to the contracting business. Along with our special discount codes, find ways to take advantage of the upgrade discounts if you have a qualifying version of QuickBooks software.

Get up to $150.00 off on QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2016. See this page for our latest coupon codes and promotional discounts on you new or upgrade purchase of QuickBooks Manufacturing & Wholesale 2016.  As soon as the 2017 version will be release from Intuit, we will also post any of the new discount offers here on this page.  You can also read our quick review and find links to similar software programs.

Try Quickbooks Online Plus free for up to 30 days. With Quickbooks Online Plus 2016, you have access to all your finances from any computer worldwide.  Your data is always backed-up and you don’t need to fear that you will loose anything if you computer crashes or gets stolen.  For the free trial you do not need any additional Quickbooks coupon codes.  After the trial period, you can either purchase the month subscription or cancel.

Our Review of Quickbooks 2016 software:

Accounting can be a daunting task, especially for those aren’t experts on it. If you run a small business that has grown over time, number of transactions can easily overwhelm you and sooner or later you’ll need some help. That’s where Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro 2016 comes in with a line of products that can help with anything from creating invoices, to managing suppliers, customers and employees.  Is you use one of our coupons above then you can save up to $200.00 or more offer the retail price.

Like with any new software programs, it takes a little bit of time to get started. The first steps is setting up your account is to add your customers and suppliers. If you have your consumer’s and product information in Excel, Quicken, Peachtree, or Microsoft Office Accounting, QuickBooks will allow you to import that data, otherwise you have to do it manually from scratch.  It’s a bit time consuming as you have to enter customers’ shipping and billing address, account information, contact details, etc. As you continue operating you will find that adding a new contact takes just a few minutes. One more necessary task that will take quite some time initially is entering products into QuickBooks. That of course depends on number of products you carry but just like with customer or vendor details, it takes just a few minutes to enter a product details such as name, price, cost, and assign it to appropriate account. The last step is to link your bank account so that you know exactly how much money you have, make transfers, or direct deposits. You can also link business credit cards to your account.

Your main screen is sort of a flow chart of how your business operates. Different accounts are linked for better understanding how each transaction affects the others. You will also see balance of your credit cards and checking account as well as thumbnails for fast access to your vendors, customers, search box, or a snapshot of the company.

One of the best features of QuickBooks is its report capacity. You can generate a report related to money you are owed or owe, sales to analyze trends, purchases to better program what you need and manage your cash flow more effectively. Just recently I was deciding on production plans for the upcoming year and running a sales report help me to study what product sell the most, you can run a comparative report versus some other period of time. QuickBooks also allows you to export any report to Excel so you can continue your analysis there if you choose to do so.

Key features of QuickBooks Pro 2016 include:

  • Customer and vendor snapshot – report containing basic contact information, revenue per customer and the products they buy the most, amount owed to your vendor, payment history, and easy comparison with prior periods.
  • Batch invoicing – you no longer have to create the same invoice for the customers who order the same product or service, simply add customers to a billing group and add the items to include on the invoice, review the invoices and email to as many customers as you need
  • Improved search box to look for the keywords across all areas of the company; you can even search for reports and QuickBooks locates the menu for you
  • Collection center – see a report of the customers with overdue or almost due invoices and select the customers you want to email with a payment reminder; QuickBooks will also attach a PDF invoice; easily customize the subject and the body of the email
  • Webmail – send invoices and estimates from QuickBooks using your Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook account
  • Paid date stamp – indicates when the payment was received; save time while reviewing invoices

I should also mention that tracking incoming goods is very efficient in QuickBooks. Every time you receive an incomplete order, you just mark the products you have received, according to a packing list. This is very useful when a product is on backorder or you have several deliveries a week or even a day. If you create an open purchase orders report, just click on the purchase orders listed to see what products are still pending.

One thing I miss in QuickBooks is lack of customization when it comes to sending emails directly form the software. If you decide to send a purchase order or an invoice to your customer, the font size and style are set and you can’t do much about it. The same applies to generating standard forms like invoices or packing lists. Even though you can design them relatively easy, I wish there were more choices when it comes to fonts, graphics, or color selection.

Operating QuickBooks is easy. Once you get into the rhythm you will really appreciate all the benefits of the software. I would recommend that you get professional help when getting started. An accountant will give you a good idea of how the software works and how you should structure your company in QuickBooks. Once you get that out of the way, you will have a good understanding of your business from accounting standpoint. If you run into some problems operating the software along the way, you can take advantage of the free hour on the phone with a QuickBooks professional, one of the new features that come with QuiBooks Pro 2016.

According to TopTenReviews, QuickBooks Pro is “the easiest accounting software to learn to use” and sums it up as “an ideal accounting solution for most small businesses.” QuickBooks Pro received 3.5 out of 4.0 stars, with its weakest features being Inventory (not suitable for retail operations that require Point Of Sale software) and Fixed Assets (lack of fixed assets manager).

As soon as QuickBooks Pro 2017 is released later at the end of this year, we will update this page will all the latest promos and coupon codes.

Part of the Intuit family, Quickbooks is from the same company that makes TurboTax and Quicken software. Founded in 1983, Quickbooks was created to be an integrated program to manage personal and small business finances. Small businesses use Intuit QuickBooks for most financially-related business processes, from entering sales receipts, tracking payroll expenses, preparing and sending business invoices, sales tax collection tracking and payment, preparation of basic financial statements and reports for tax purposes, purchase order (PO) processing, and inventory management. Available for both Mac and PC. Often listing even deeper discounts and coupon codes on Quickbooks.com, be sure to take a look at all their offers that can save you a ton! Learn more about Quickbooks on Wikipedia.

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