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As the perfect complement to iDo Wedding, Tabula Rasa by Elm Software helps you arrange and fully design your wedding reception. You can create multiple seating layouts and draw to-scale rooms by adding your graphics (using layers just like in Adobe Illustrator).  Although it only retails for $29.95, we were able to receive some exclusive offers directly from the manufacturer to help you save an extra 10% on your order.  See below for all our Tabula Rasa Couple Edition coupon codes and promotions now available from Elm Software.


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Download and try Tabula Rasa Couple Edition for free. offers a free 30 day trial to anyone that has not yet had a chance to try their software. You will have 30 days to test it out and then you can either upgrade to the complete version or uninstall the trial copy.


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Our review of Tabula Rasa:

A wedding is one of those special events that always draws a lot of emotions associated with it; not only with the event itself but also with the planning details. Although the average age of people getting married has increased, people continue to wed. According to, 88% of Americans merry at least once in their lifetime. The same article mentions that 165 guests attend an average wedding reception, which is a whopping 6 times the number of family and friends attending my wedding. I remember the headache of planning for twenty people, any more invitees and I don’t know how I would do it. Of course not every couple invites so few people and in order to get an average group of guests synchronized and perfectly seated, some help might be necessary. Among many ideas, there is a reasonable solution, Tabula Rasa Couple Edition by Elm Software.

Tabula Rasa Couple Edition was developed to help design and manage seating arrangement, spatial planning of tables, dance floor, stage, cake location, and any other dedicated area. One might argue whether or not this type of product is necessary but every wedding (or other type of event), no matter the size, will have guest making seating requests. Smith family cannot seat next to the Johnson’s. Julio wants to sit next to Sarah, but definitely not next to uncle George. Perhaps you would like to know how many kids are attending the event in order to sit them together. The software allows you to pull up a list of the kids and assign them to a table.

When you get started in Tabula Rasa Couple Edition, you will see a screen divided into sections. The most important one is the central section, also called canvas, where you draw and design the area where the event takes place. Canvas is your blueprint where you can specify rooms’ dimensions, split it into sections and start drawing tables. The software contains a library of typical shapes for event planning. They can be easily copied, modified, or eliminated. If you decide to draw a rectangular table on your canvas, simply choose the appropriate shape and place it on the canvas. Modifications are easy to make, you can alter dimensions, move it around, or rotate the object. You can have multiple canvases for each event. If the event is spread out over two or more rooms, it would be necessary to plan for them separately, especially if the rooms are of different size or shape. When it comes to weddings, you can design a rehearsal dinner layout, the wedding, or the after wedding get together. Each event might be held at different locations but they are tied by the main event. You can rename canvases and obtain most important information about them, such as dimensions, total area, number of tables planned for the area. To the right of the canvas is the Graphics Pane. Every time you draw something on canvas, it appears in the graphics pane, which is organized as layers, just like in Photoshop CS6.

Layers are helpful to experiment with seating, they can be added or removed, switched around, etc. The left pane is Attendees pane. You can import attendees list from iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition, via a csv file, or enter the information manually. The software will ask you for attendee’s name, nickname, gender, whether he/she is a child, meal they requested, and let’s you include notes. Once you enter this information, that particular guest falls into your unseated list. Attendees pane is divided into seated and unseated. To assign someone to a particular table, simply drag and drop that name into any available spot. You can assign several guests at a time; they can be grouped and if necessary, ungrouped.

At any point you can make changes to the meals offered. On your canvas, each guest is marked with a chosen meal, which helps to run the event more efficiently. You can also change the price of a meal, name, color for its icon, or change a meal a guest requested.
Another very helpful feature of Tabula Rasa Couple Edition is Supplies. It brings up a table where you enter the necessary supplies for the event. Anything from tables, chairs, table cloths, to flooring. It allows you to add products, their cost and quantity needed, and automatically becomes a cost sheet and a perfect tool to help with your budget. You can see immediately where most of the money is spent and perhaps look for a supplier that can offer you a better deal.

Tabula Rasa Couple Edition is a stand-alone product and it also works with iDo Wedding Couple Edition. It might deter some people from buying because it’s yet another software you have to get familiar with, nevertheless its benefits might handsomely outstrip the software cost and time invested in learning how to use it. If you organize a small get together for your child’s second birthday, it might not be worth a hassle, on the other hand, extra help while organizing a wedding for 165 people might make a lot of sense.

One last thing to keep in mind is that even though Tabula Rasa Couple Edition was designed to help with weddings, it doesn’t have to be limited to those events. It is just as efficient in planning for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, festivals, corporate gatherings, and other events that require careful and detailed preparation.