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Our review of Topaz Clean 3:

Topaz Clean 3, made for both PC andMac, was designed to spruce up any image for the unwanted details. It creates crisp pictures that appear to be the perfect shot. It is particularly useful when taking up close headshots that reveal many details. In those circumstances the idea is to focus the viewer’s attention on the overall outcome and the message you’re sending and not on small distortions that once noticed, are impossible to ignore.

Topaz Clean 3 gives you exactly what’s needed in those situations. First step in the work flow is to clean the picture by eliminating weak and unwanted details. This also allows for smoothing a picture, and in case of a head-shot, it’s like putting extra make up on the model. The next step carries on the work of smoothing an image by controlling edges. You can gradually make them less obvious or strengthen them, depending on the objective of your work. The final step is the texture control that brings back the natural look to the picture as it is “placed” over what you did in the first two steps.

This version of Topaz Clean (version 3) offers new user interface that is both easy to follow and gives you flexibility organizing it. You can collapse or expand side panels, keep or remove a preset preview window, and adjust tool tips or the way you maneuver preset. You also have an option to save, import, and export the presets, so you can continuously expand you preset library and share your creativity with others.

Topaz Clean 3 might not appear as a must-have piece of software but it serves a purpose of cleaning up an image from imperfections. If you dedicate time to digital picture processing it may make sense to purchase software that saves you time and it’s easy to use. Perhaps that can free you up do more creative and rewarding job.

As soon as Topaz Clean 4 is released (rumored to be in late 2012), we will post the discounts and deals here at

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