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Our review of Topaz DeNoise 5:

As a photo enthusiast I remember my small Konica 500Z digital camera I could easily fit in my pocket. At the time, it was definitely one of its major attributes and the reason I bought it, but digital technology has gone a long way since then. You can still acquire a wallet size camera (not George Costanza’s from Seinfeld wallet, a normal person’s wallet) that comes equipped with more megapixels, ISO, and zoom capabilities. Pictures taken in a low-light or fast changing environment might look great on a small camera screen, but once viewed on a computer monitor, they often revel numerous imperfections. One of the biggest of them photographers have to deal is noise. Topaz DeNoise 5 helps to clean up your picture without blurring its details.

In an effort to eliminate noise (imperfections in form of dots and distortions to color) and keep a picture’s details, Topaz DeNoise 5 created a proprietary technology called IntelliNoise that allows reducing noise and having two pictures that are up to four stops apart look the same. Just think of the pictures you shoot at night with ISO cranked up to more than 10,000. This technology will give you an opportunity to take pictures in dark environments, in- or outside, and correct the existing pictures to look crisp.

So how does Topaz DeNoise 5 work? You can access it from Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto, or Paint Shop Pro. Interface is pretty easy to use without too many options that might initially throw you off. You can manage the interface by expanding, collapsing, or adjusting a size of each section. Open a picture and on the left hand side you’ll find presets and corresponding details of each preset. Central part of the screen is your picture and you can switch back and forth between the original and a preview with the chosen preset. On the right you’ll find your picture in a smaller version that you can zoom in. You will see the zoomed in section of the picture in the center of the screen to make sure its details are not blurred, you can also adjust each preset to better process your picture and save it for future processing. It is also the area where you make all the manual adjustment to your picture. It permits you to switch between different preview modes (RGB, Luma, Color, Red, Blue) to find the culprit of noise and focus on those details.

The goal of Topaz DeNoise 5 is to reduce noise and preserve details that are why its workflow is focused on those two areas. Under both, noise reduction and detail recovery, you have a selection of sliders that allow you to control the strength of noise, adjust shadows, highlights, or red and blue channels, as wells as reduce blur, and add grain. With those adjusters you can fine-tune every picture, from low to high ISO.

In order to better the pictures, Topaz DeNoise 5 introduced two new features: dual-directional debanding technology and Correct Black Level parameter. The first one helps eliminate noise that’s clustered and extends vertically or horizontally in a picture. The latter improves tones in the darker areas of a picture after removing noise. Noise reduction in dark areas has a tendency to distort colors and introduce shades of red or blue.

Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta from mention that although Topaz DeNoise 5 is not a panacea for noise problems in pictures, it’s a ”useful” software that’s able to preserve details after removing noise. Bright Hub’s Michele McDonough rates Topaz DeNoise  5 out of 5 across the board in categories such as Setup and Installation, Interface, Features, and Overall Rating and sums it up saying that Topaz DeNoise is “one of the best noise removal tools on the market.”  For further reviews and specs, see the one posted at


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