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Our review of Topaz Detail 2:

Bringing out what you think is important in a picture and steering viewer’s attention to a particular detail doesn’t have to be so hard if you have the right tools. Topaz Detail 2 for Mac or PC is your weapon to make the details of your shots pop, make them a focal point. With this software you will be able to really emphasize objects of any size, their color, lighting, or any other specific feature you consider noteworthy.

Just like all other Topaz software, Topaz Detail 2 follows the same user interface. You can open a picture in Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto, or Lightroom, and use the program to achieve the desired effects. Once again, you are presented with an ample list of presets designed to help your picture emphasize anything from light, color, to shade, edge, or a contrast. A section above the library gives you a glimpse into a particular preset, this way you get a general idea whether or not this is what your looking for. Don’t forget that one of the best features here is the fact that each preset can be modified, giving you endless possibilities to improve your picture.

To make your picture stand out, there is a four-step process. First, you work on detail of the picture where you decide on visibility of small, medium, and large objects. You can make them more or less apparent. Second step is to decide on Tone. This section is related to making adjustments in contrast and general brightness, as well as brightness related to certain colors. Third, Blur to decided whether or not you want to introduce blur to your image and decide on its radius, and finally, fourth, Color section controls hue and saturation.

Mark from Graf Nature Photography was very enthusiastic about Topaz Detail 2 ability to extract texture and details form pictures and the fact that the program is quite simple to navigate. One of the things he did not like was the processing speed of a file but agreed that manipulating so many details in a picture can make that process lengthy. Aaron Kraus was even more upbeat on the software saying the Topaz Detail 2 can turn an average picture into something good, and that even a great shot can be made better.

As soon as Topaz Detail 2 is released (rumored to be later in 2011/early 2012, we will post any discount codes and coupons here at

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