Topaz InFocus – Coupon Codes & Promotions

Topaz InFocus is one of the most popular photo sharpening and de-blurring plug-in’s for Lightroom and Photoshop.  But now need to pay full price as you can now save up to 15% when ordering at the official Topaz Labs online store.  See below for some of our favorite InFocus coupon codes and promotions, including any student offers when available.





Save 15% off on Topaz InFocus when you use coupon code: CAPATOPAZ. You must enter the code at the time of order checkout to activate the discount, and it’s only available at the official Topaz Labs software store at This deal also works with most of the other Topaz Photoshop plug-ins store-wide.  This promo expires at the end of this month.


Save $50.00 plus an extra 15% with the above coupon when you upgrade from InFocus to the Photoshop Bundle. This upgrade discount can be combined with the above coupon code.  You will need to currently own a qualifying version of InFocus or another Topaz software product for Mac or PC to be able to take advantage of this offer.


Download the free Topaz InFocus trial and test it out before you buy. gives you a full 30 days to try out their software for free. After the 30 days you can either upgrade to a full license or uninstall the trial copy. Now you can avoid those cracks, keygens, and bit-torrents just to try the software for free.




Our review of Topaz InFocus:

Not every picture can be taken in the optimal conditions. Sometimes we’re trying to take a picture while in a car, other times there’s not enough time to adjust focus especially when a celebrity is on the street. Pictures taken in those less-than-optimal circumstances are not all waste. If you took a great picture but it’s not 100% clear, there is a good chance it can be still turned into something special.

Topaz InFocus was designed to overcome the following issues: improve good quality pictures making them clearer and more stimulating and processing out-of-focus images by eliminating the blur. Similar to other Topaz products, Topaz InFocus comes with a set of presents to get you started on your project. You will find the list of presets on your left hand side, that list can be later expanded by the new presets you either created or imported from your friends or community of users. Fixing, or improving your picture has two steps: debluring and sharpening. Once you open a picture you want to work on and select a preset, a preview of that picture with the applied adjustments will be central to your work area. Topaz InFocus allows you to compare between the original and the new version of the picture so that you can see where the difference lies. For better results you can zoom in on your picture to really catch all the details and see whether or not more work is needed. If you feel that a preset you selected has not improved the picture sufficiently, you can begin to de-blur and sharpen it manually. Each option has a selection of sliders that allow for gradual improvement in the process. You select a bluer type (general, out-of-focus, motion) and then you can continue working on blur radius, edge softness, and suppress artifacts (reduce or increase details in a picture), as well as micro contrast (to enhance fixed structures), and sharpness and its radius.

User interface makes Topaz InFocus very easy to use. I would suggest playing around with a picture to get a good idea how each option works, and once you get a grasp of it, sharpening your pictures and eliminating blur takes little time. Not every picture can be completely fixed but Topaz InFocus can make significant improvement. Digital Image Magazine agrees by saying that “it does perform wonders with photos that are not as sharp as you’d like.” Finally, James Brandon from Digital Photography School adds that although it is not a wonders-making product, it is perhaps the last option if the picture you took didn’t come out like expected.