Topaz Labs Coupon Codes & Promotions

Get 15% off on any versions of Topaz Labs software when you use coupon code: CAPATOPAZ. This promotion is valid at and works across all of their plug-ins, including on the Photoshop Plug-in suite. Be sure to enter this code exactly how it appears into the discount box at order checkout to see the sale price reflected. This offer is set to expire at the end of the month.


Save up to $40.00 instantly over the full version of the Topaz Photoshop Bundle and additional 15% with the above coupon code when you upgrade. You must currently on an older version of Topaz software to qualify for the Topaz Labs upgrade discount offer. See site for details and a list of products that qualify.


Download and try any Topaz plugin at for free. has most of their Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins available for free 30-day trial period. After the free trial you can either purchase uninstall the test version. Now avoid the potentially harmful Topaz Detail 2 serials and keygens to test it for free.


Our review of Topaz Plugin Bundle:

Topaz Plug-in Bundle is the ultimate Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture plug-in bundle. From eliminating unwanted details in your picture to enhancing colors, edges, and improving major objects, this bundle is a toolbox to tackle any problem you might encounter and ignite your creativity.

The individual components will allow you to do the following:

  • Topaz Adjust – give a twist to your pictures by transforming them with more color, focus on details, and noise; bring out the best of each picture as you add psychedelic, vibrant, crisp, or portrait drama effect.
  • Topaz Simplify – transform a picture into more abstract representation of reality; allows you to see your picture as a cartoon, pencil sketch, or a watercolor painting.
  • Topaz Detail – your magnifying glass for details; it allows you to expose small, medium, or large details by controlling object edges, color, blur, and tone.
  • Topaz Clean – remove unwanted details and improve texture (useful for headshots or wedding photography).
  • Topaz DeJPEG – improves the quality of JPEG files by smoothing the object’s surface and eliminates artifacts such as checkerboard or mosquito noise.
  • Topaz DeNoise – pictures taken in low light condition or with a phone often cause imperfections such as dots or color distortions; whether a low quality digital camera or necessity for higher ISO, some of this unwanted noise can be cleaned up
  • Topaz ReMask – make masks of the objects in your picture and replace them with a different background; great product to create masks of such time consuming and difficult to achieve things as leaves, hair, etc.
  • Topaz InFocus – created to eliminate blur or improve already good pictures; if you were not able to optimally focus on the object or the object was moving, this software can help eliminate some of those nuisance.

Learning to navigate around Topaz Plug-in Bundle is fast and I find it as one of its biggest advantages. Topaz has been able to achieve it by standardizing its user interface across all products. No matter which component of the bundle you’re using, on the surface they all look the same. On the left there are Topaz presets as a starting point on your project. You can see their overall effect on your picture in a small window above, and once you choose it, your picture with a preset will be central to your work area. At any moment you can compare the changes you have made to the original picture. On the right hand side you find additional tools that permit for greater control of the presets. That’s where you decide on the strength of each tool affecting the picture and that’s how you can create your own presets for future work.

One more positive thing about Topaz Plug-in Bundle is the fact that its components can be used as a freestanding software.

Overall, Topaz Plug-in Bundle components have received very favorable reviews. Some of them appear to be better than the other, but they all share one common description among the users commenting on their qualities: easy to use. PCMag calls Topaz Adjust “a Gem for Photo Improvement.” Scott Urlich, a supervisor of the Graphic Arts department for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, praises Topaz ReMask for the speed of creating a mask, as the software is able to save his team 90% of time comparing to the other products they used in the past. And finally, PC World’s columnist writes that Topaz Simplify helps you to achieve the results of a professional photographer with software that’s easy to use and intuitive.