Topaz Labs ReMask 3.2 – Coupon Codes & Promotions

ReMask 3.2 by Topaz Labs is new for 2012 and the perfect complement to your copy of Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 or Aperture 3.  But you don’t need to pay full retail price as we have some of the best deals here at  See below for all of our latest Topazlabs ReMask coupon codes and promotional offers.  We also list any special upgrade offers and student discounts as well whenever available.  Keep in mind that if you currently own ReMask 3, the upgrade to version 3.2 is free for you.  As always, as soon as Topaz releases ReMask 4 (rumored to be late-2012), we will post all the special offers here.



Get 10% off on Topaz ReMask at when you use coupon code: CAPATOPAZ. This exclusive 10% off promotional offer is set to expire at the end of the month and is valid not only on ReMask but on all the other plug-ins sold at the official Topaz online store.  Remember to enter the code exactly how it appears at order checkout to activate the discount. This offer runs through until the end of the month.


Upgrade from any older ReMask version to the Photoshop Bundle suite and save $50.00 plus another 20% with the above coupon code. This offer also works if you currently own just about any of the other stand-alone versions including Topaz Adjust, Topaz DeNoise, Topaz InFocus, Topaz Simplify, Topaz Detail, and a few others.


Download and try the official Topaz ReMask 3.2 version for free. offers most of their Photoshop plugins on a full 30-day trial basis.  When the trial is up, either use on of these promo codes to get the full license or uninstall to free trial.  Now you can avoid the torrents and keygens that can potentially harm your PC or Mac just to be able to try out the new version for free.


Free upgrade to Topaz ReMask 3.2 if you already purchased ReMask 3.0. The new release now has an improved Magic brush, fasted speed and qualify in the foreground recovery processing, and improved menu bar items to help save and re-start partial results on trimaps and masks.



Our review of ReMask 3.2:

If you’re unhappy with a background of your pictures or just trying to get creative for fun or professionally, Topaz ReMask 3.2 might be a product you’ve been looking for.

Topaz ReMask helps you separate parts of your image and insert alternative backgrounds. It is achieved by creating high quality masks that will retain the slightest details of the objects that you want to supplement with a new background.

The program is not difficult to use and once you learn that basic routine of extracting the image form the rest of the picture, creating a mask takes very little time. You can open Topaz ReMask directly from Photoshop and start working on an outline of the new mask. The first step is to create a tri-map that tells Topaz ReMask what stays and what need to be eliminated from the image.  Choosing green color under Reset function will tell Topaz to keep that portion of your picture, and red indicates the part of the picture that will be replaced with an alternative object or color. Blue color creates the edge of the mask and the area for processing. This is the area that, depending on details of the picture, consumes most of the time in creating a mask. Choosing compute will calculate a new mask on which you begin to work. You can work on two screens side-by-side, one with the original picture and the other with the mask and compare them and correct for any imperfections.  Once the mask is created, you can always refine it using the original the tri-map you created or other alternative methods presented by the software.

Some of the new features of Topaz ReMask include Single Color Selection, which is used to eliminate traces of the original background from the new mask. When there are many details in a picture, and the initial mask is computed, there might be some “contamination” from the original background. This function allows you to easily remove the details that were not completely removed.

Even with Single Color Selection function it’s difficult to create a precise mask for some very small and detailed objects, like hair, leaves, smoke, nevertheless Topaz ReMask has several solutions to tackle that obstacle. There is a neat feature called Dual Color Selection that permits to sample a color from the original image and compare it against a background color, then outlining a detail that’s week on the mask, Topaz ReMask will make that object to be stronger and it will appear on your mask. With some extra work you will be able to preserve even single strands of hair.

Bob Nolin from Digital Image Magazine says that Topaz ReMask is “a great product and performs nearly miraculously, even in the worst situations.” Eric Harding from E.B Harding Photography calls the product efficient thanks to its easy to use tools, while Scott Ulrich, Supervisor of the Graphic Arts department for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, emphasizes the fact that Topaz ReMask can create masks very fast making it one of the most efficient software in its class.

Wondering when Topaz Remask 4.0 will be released?  Well, so are we!  Rumors have it that it should be in late 2012, but as soon as we hear more details we will post it here.