Topaz Lens Effects – Coupon Codes & Promotions

The perfect complement to Adobe CS5.5, Topaz Labs has just released their first version of Lens Effects 1.0. It’s a Photoshop plug-in that gives you a wide range of virtual lenses and filters to help easily emphasize focal points and add tone, bring depth, and more (see the full review posted below).  But no need to pay full price to get a copy. See below for all the currently available Topaz Lens Effects coupon codes and promos to help save you up to 15% your order. Plus, whenever there is a limited time promotion or sale, we will also any available discounts here as well. Be sure to see all our Topaz Labs.



Get 15% off Topaz Lens Effects with coupon code: CAPATOPAZ. This offer also works across the entire line of individual Topaz Photoshop plug-ins, including the popular Topaz Adjust, Simplify, Detail, Clean, and InFocus.  Be sure to enter this code into the promo code box at before you complete your order to see the discount price reflected. This deal expires at the end of the month.


Upgrade to the new Topaz Photoshop bundle from any qualifying older Topaz product and save up to $130.00. The bundle which normally retails for $290.00 includes DeNoise, Detail, InFocus, Clean, Simplify, ReMask, and DeJPEG. Plus, you should be able to combine the upgrade discount with the above coupon code to get an additional 15% discount. This offer is only available at  See their site for full upgrade details.


Get the official Topaz Lens Effects  free for 30 day trial at Use it and abuse it for a full 30 days.  After the free trial period is over, you can either get the full license using the above coupon codes or just let it expire. Just be sure to avoid the potentially harmful torrents and keygen as these can often crash your computer.




Our review of Topaz Lens Effects:

Topaz Lens Effects allows you to experiment with numerous effects achieved usually through lenses, filters, and other effects without going bankrupt. It can be opened directly form Photoshop and it has a familiar interface to all Topaz Labs products. It is one of the simplest interfaces in the similar products and doesn’t require much time to learn how it operates. In Topaz Lens Effects the screen is divided into sections, on left and right side, you find your main tools and the center is occupied by the picture you chose with all the effects you applied to it. The software offers 26 different effects plus more than 170 presets to make your pictures unique. Each picture can be later adjusted for brightness, contrast, saturation, saturation boost, shadow, and highlight.

Once you decide what picture you’d like to alter, choosing an effect is your starting point. You get to choose Bokeh (center focus, SLR Lens, selective), Camera (Pinhole, Tilt & Shift, Toy), Filter (Dual Tone, Graduated Color, Graduated Neutral Density, Single Tone), Lens (Creative Blur, Fisheye, Motion, Split Prism), and few additional effects such as Geometric Distortion, Grain, Sharpening, or Vignette. Each of the mentioned effects has its own set of presets that further modifies the picture. As you scroll up and down that list, the current version of the effect is automatically displayed in the small preview window. Each of the presets can be further tweaked to meet everybody’s demands and if you feel it’s a preset you would like to use again, you have an option of saving it for future ease. Presets can also be shared by importing or exporting them and even deleted form the list if you find no use for them. It’s fun to experiment with different presets as they give you ideas perhaps you were not aware of. There are many presets that might not work for a lot of pictures, but on the other hand they might have quite a few unexpected effects making your pictures really special.

You can also simulate depth of field effect using Smart Brush. Now, even though it is a relatively simple tool, this takes some practice. You can find some tutorials on how it works but in the end, it will require some practice to master all the tools available. Depth of field will help you to eliminate unwanted details in the picture by blurring them out. This great tool allows you to draw attention to specific object, bring them out and make everything around less important. Once you establish the center of your picture, you can decide how much to blur the other objects. Smart Brush is very useful in Depth Map (your picture in White to Black scale, where black objects appear closer and white ones further away) where you focus on the smallest details and “paint” them black, grey, or white.

New in Topaz Lens Effects is Apply option, which essentially permits to build one effect on top of another. As you’re making changes to a selected picture, you can choose one effects and corresponding presets and apply it to the picture. Then, if you’re not done processing your image, you can choose another effect and alter your picture even more. It works similar to layers in Photoshop and can be done over and over. Reset All button will take you back to the last time you chose Apply to your picture.

Ana-Gabriela Stroe from Garmahis called Topaz Lens Effects “great, easy to use plug in which will give you creative control over your pictures.” Similarly, Terrance Lam form Frontal Lobbings said that Topaz Lens Effects achieves “something that only more expensive lenses, larger format camera, or only my imagination can.”

The software works on both Windows and Mac and it’s compatible with Photoshop CS3 to CS6, Photoshop Elements 6through 10, Lightroom 2 and 3, Topaz Fusion Express, and Aperture 2 and 3. It’s hard to say whether Topaz Lens Effects is for you or not. Certainly if you are a photographer it wouldn’t hurt having a copy of the program as it would give you yet another tool to make your ideas even better. For those who are pondering investing some money in equipment, Topaz Lens Effects might be a good product to help you decide what hardware you need if any.