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Get 15% off on Topaz Simplify or any plug-in at when you use coupon: CAPATOPAZ. Just be sure to enter the code into the box at checkout exactly how it appears to activate the discounted sale price. This deal will expire at the end of the month.


Save $30.00 when you upgrade to the Photoshop Bundle from any older version of Topaz Simplify. To qualify for the upgrades you must own a qualifying version of Topaz Simplify or other Topaz point product. Then just add it along with the above coupon code to save an additional 15% off the upgrade price. This is an ongoing promotion.


Try it for free before you buy it!  Download the free 30 day trial of Topaz Simplify. Topaz Labs offers most of their software on a free trial basis for up to 30 days of free use. Now you can avoid the potentially harmful torrents to just to be able to try the free version. After the trial period is over, you can either get the full license or uninstall the Topaz Simplify trial as soon as it expires.


Our review of Topaz Simplify:


Every time is a good time to have fun with photography. Topaz Simplify brings you necessary tools to see a picture from a different, more abstract angle. If you thought of turning your pictures into art, this program might be perhaps what you’ve been looking for. Imagine a picture of your friend that you turn into a cartoon, or a picture of landscape that seems as if it had been painted with watercolors. This is just a tip of an iceberg of what you can do with Topaz Simplify.

The basic idea behind Topaz Simplify is to take a picture, apply certain filters to it, and present you with a new solution. These filters can be controlled giving you infinite options to apply to your photo. To make things a little easier, you can start with Topaz Simplify presets to get an overall idea what’s behind it. Not every preset will wow you, we all have different tastes after all, but it will present you with some general idea and guide to what you want to do with a photo. The software comes with several presets, which is more than enough to keep you entertained for some time. When you find a preset you like, you can start modifying it by adjusting different parameters and create your own unique preset.

There are three major setting that you use in the process. First tab allows you to decide on what to keep and what to eliminate from the image. Second gives you control over colors, their strength, brightness, and contrast. And with the third tab you manage object’s edges. You can smooth them, strengthen their color, and basically manipulate them in order to underscore or hide the object.

Topaz Simplify not only has some pretty good deals with our coupon codes, but in general is fun and easy to use. Scott Harrison seems to agree with that statement and mentions that you really get hooked on the software’s features and it keeps you in front of a computer for hours. PCWorld’s Sally Weiner Grotta and Daniel Grotta add that Topaz Simplify helps you achieve “a quality that pros can use, but the interface is easy enough for anyone to master.”

As soon as the next version of Topaz Simplify is released (rumored to be in late 2012), we will post the discounts and deals here at

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