Turbo TaxCaster 2011/2012 – Free Download!

Are you wondering how much your you will owe in your 2011 taxes this year?  Need to plan before 2012 rolls around? TurboTax now has a very quick and easy way to estimate how big of a refund you could receive in 2012 before you actually complete your 2011 tax return. With the help of TurboTax’s TaxCaster, there’s a way to put all your plans together way in advance.   Before you go to your tax man or begin completing your own forms in TurboTax or H&R Block (yea, we have coupon codes for those), you can use the 2012 TaxCaster to have a quick estimate on how much you should be receiving in refunds or paying this year in federal or state tax returns.  See below for all the relevant links to the free TaxCaster calculators.





Try the TaxCaster 2011/2012 web version for free. This is the link to the web version of TaxCaster as found on the Intuit TurboTax website.  This is not a free trial as your copy will not expire.



Download the TaxCaster iPhone and iPad app for free. You can download the free mobile TaxCaster iPhone App now at the Apple App Store.  The latest 2.1 version has all the latest updates for the 2010 tax season and includes support for iOS 4.0 for the iPhone 4.  If you own iPhone 3 or 3g, it is also backwards compatible all the way back to iOS 3.1.  The same app is good for the iPod touch and iPad 2.


Try the TaxCaster Android app. There is also an Android mobile version of the TaxCaster application from TurboTax for all compatible smart phone and tablets.  Either follow the link to the receive your own custom barcode or search for “TaxCaster” in the App marketplace from your device.


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The great thing about this tool is that it lets you anticipate your tax returns before your send in your annual tax return.  To use, just open up the application in your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone and complete the requested fields.

First, TaxCaster will ask you for your personal, non-identifiable information.  Here you will need to specify your marital status, age, and if you are the head of the household.  Next, enter your personal income, your wife/husbands income, and any additional wages.  The additional wages include any business income, interest or dividend income, IRA or pension distributions, social security benefits, and alimony received.  If some of these fields do not apply to you in 2011, simple leave them black.

Finally, you will be able to enter a number of anticipated tax deductions. If you own a house or apartment, this will include mortgage interest payments, real-estate tax, energy-efficient home improvements, and any home buyer credits. If you’ve made any donations to charitable organizations, like to your church or a qualifying foundation, you can enter the amount given in either cash or non-cash amounts. You also have an area where you can enter your retirement contributions, educational deductions for you or your kids, number of household dependents, and several other dedications.

When you’ve completed as much as you can, the TaxCaster calculator will calculate the amount of your anticipated tax refund or estimated taxes based on your marginal tax rate. It’s as simple as hat!  As this software is so incredibly easy to use, we rate it a two-thumbs up.