TurboTax Basic 2013 – Coupon Codes & Discounts 2014

All the new Turbotax versions for the 2013 tax year are now out.  But don’t pay full price for your order as we have some of the best deals from the most popular resellers. See below for the current 2014 TurboTax coupon codes, discounts and special offers from Intuit and other select stores.  If you like our special offers, be sure to come back next year for the top offers for TurboTax 2014 (expected to be released next November).




Save up to 10% on TurboTax Basic now on sale at Amazon.com. Besides the sale price, you can either get free shipping or you can choose the digital option which lets you download and immediately install the copy on your Mac or PC. The sale price tends to vary daily and may differ across the available versions so see site for the latest offers available. No coupon code needed for this sale price.


Try TurboTax Basic free before you buy.  You can head over to Intuit.com to try any of the 2013 TurboTax online versions for free. It will let you complete your tax return online but you won’t be able to submit it untilyou pay for the license. We are actually big fans of the online version as it lets you pause at anytime and then resume from another computer or iPad. No coupons are currently available on the online editions.


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Our review of TurboTax Basic:

TurboTax is the most popular makers of online tax software with the Basic edition made specifically for those who file a 1040EZ or other simple tax return, own a house but don’t have a mortgage, or you rent a home. It is considered one of the easiest software on the market and deemed appropriate even for those who file their taxes for the first time. This is because the software offers help at any stage and leads you through the process with series of questions aiming at getting you the biggest refund possible. Its popularity is also do partly with the Turbotax 2014 coupon codes and promotions that are usually available.

To get started, you can import your previous 2012 tax information even from a competitive software providers in order to save time and help with accuracy. Similar to that, TurboTax Basic 2014 allows you to import your W-2’s or 1099 from more than 100,000 institutions and the software fills in the appropriate fields for you. It then provides an overview of all the data for your review and editing, if necessary. If you happen to be a returning customer, a lot of information about you will already exist in the system so there won’t be a need to start over, just supply current year income and expenses information. You can get started on you taxes as soon as you receive your W-2 even if you’re still waiting for some other documents. If you work two jobs and expect a second W-2 at a later time, TurboTax Basic let’s you save information’s that’s entered and return to it later.

As previously mentioned, TurboTax Basic leads you from one step to another (some users call it “GPS”) and just in case you get stuck or are confused, the makers of the product provided several ways to get you advance. To your disposition are the following tools:

  • Live tax answers – Aside from the access to commonly asked questions, you will be able to ask TurboTax experts or other users in Live Community; you can see what other members are asking, see answers to others’ questions and ideally as you become more proficient in filing your taxes you can join the community and help other members with their questions.
  • Guidance and advice – No matter which step of the tax return you are working on, this tool will help you find answers to any tax related topic; it offers detailed explanation with concrete examples to help you understand a discussed topic.
  • Easy guide – A tool meant to get you to the correct answer in case you’re not sure how to ask a question; it also answers questions related to tax terminology that might not be known to those who file for the first time.
  • Life events experts – Very interesting part of the help section that analyzes different life changing scenarios; how are your tax returns affected if your marital status changes? You have a child? Purchase a home? Get/lose/change a job? It’s just some questions for which you’ll find answers in this section.
  • Free technical support – contact customer service representative via phone or live chat; note that during tax season that might be a challenging task

As you move through different steps of your tax return, a current refund is displayed. It is broken down into Federal and State, and it educates you how each new information recorded by the software affects your taxes. TurboTax Basic includes Federal Efile to speed up the refund process.

Close to 12,000 software users left their comments on Intuit website ranking this product a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The very common comment is that the product offers step-by-step directions and is easy to navigate and communicate. On the negative side, many users complained about unclear pricing strategies and that the product was expensive comparing to competitors.

In its “Online Tax Prep Services” review by PCMag.com states that “TurboTax remains king of the hill” thanks to the mix of the features it offers, ease of use, and the fact that it walks you through the process of completing your tax report. It was negative on the fact that the software is not able to import data from Quicken.

TurboTax happens to be the highest rated online tax preparation software on Top Ten Reviews for similar reasons for which it’s praised at PCMag.com. Features that helped make it the No. 1 product are: numerous deductions and credits that software helps to apply, error check and verification assuring 100% accuracy of each return, and the superb instructions and guides. For all those reasons Top Ten Reviews awarded TurboTax Golden Award and a maximum rating in each judged category.



As soon as Intuit releases the new TurboTax Basic 2015 for tax year 2014, we will list all the most popular coupon codes and offers here at uCouponCode.com.  This includes any available free offers such as the Freedom Edition or low-income discounts.