Turbotax Free & Freedom Edition 2013 for 2014

Nothing is better than free, right? Well now you can get the #1 best rated tax professional software from Turbotax for free this year. Below we break out the different ways that you can qualify for a free 2014 online version of Turbotax, known as the Simple Edition, as well as special free offers available on both State and Federal taxes when completing your 2013 taxes. Not all States can get the TurboTax free state promotion, but just about all States qualify. If you have any other special offers codes or free deals for Turbotax, please contact us.


Open for all US Residents, now get the Free Federal Edition from Turbotax. This free offer is open for everyone, with no restrictions, to those who only need to complete a simple Federal tax return.  This includes forms 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040 only.  We just want to stress that this is for “simple” tax returns so if you need something more advanced, you’ll have to purchase one of their tax packages.


Receive the TurboTax Freedom Edition for the 2013 tax year free for active military. If you or your spouse is in active in the Army, Marines, Navy or other qualifying military unit then you can get TurbTax for free.  This includes both Federal and State editions (depending on the state that you live in). Follow link for full details.


You can get the TurboTax free (also the Freedom Edition) if your 2013 earning are less than $31,000. If your filing jointly as a family, the limits can vary depending on any deductions for things such as moving expenses, alimony, child support, and IRA’s (see line 37 of tax form 1040).


If you do not qualify for the free TurboTax, then try the TurboTax Basic edition. It only costs $19.95 and is open to all individuals who need to file a 1040EZ tax form or other simple tax return and do not have complex tax information to complete. This page lists the details of TurboTax basic and all the available coupons and special offer promotion codes.


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