TurboTax Premier 2013 Coupons & Special Offer Codes 2014

Intuit’s TurboTax Premier for the 2013 tax year is here and so are the deals! See below for our TurboTax Premier coupons and special offer codes to help you get the best deal on your tax software this year. We also have the links to the available free trial downloads offered at Intuit.com that let’s you buy before you try. If you’re happy with the deals found here at uCouponCode.com, be sure to return next year for all your TurboTax 2014 discounts and coupons.




Save up to$20.00 on TurboTax Premier 2013 now available and on sale at Amazon.  If you choose the download option then you can get your copy today. You can also choose the super save shipping option to get free ground shipping. Most states can also skip the sales tax changes. Just keep in mind that the sale price can change daily and may differ across the versions sold in the store. See site for offer details.


Get $25.00 off TurboTax Premier with instant coupon at the official TurboTax Store.  Intuit now has this instant coupon that will save you $25.00 off on Premier (just follow the link to activate the discount).  The other TurboTax versions are also on sale this week when you follow our special offer link. See site for details.


Buy Turbotax Premier together with any 2014 copy of Quicken, save an extra $35.00 on your order from Amazon. That’s right; this is on top of the current sale prices making your order of of Quicken almost free. Just be sure to enter “BTTG35QK” into the promotional code box once you have both copies added into your cart. This offer ends on April 15, 2014.


Try the online version of TurboTax Premier for free before you buy – Then save $25.00 if you decide to order it.  The official TurboTax website at Intuit.com now offers all of their tax software in an online version.  So instead of being tied down to a single computer when completing your taxes this year, the online version lets you complete it in the cloud from any web connected device.


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Our review of TurboTax Premier:

TurboTax Premier 2013 (a step up from the Deluxe 2013) is one of the most popular versions of TurboTax. It’s the best choice for those individuals who, besides needing to complete their income taxes, own stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments. Additionally, if you receive income from a rental property, this version is designed to help you deal with reporting your earnings and expenses correctly.

TurboTax Premier has been praised for not being overly complicated. Although filing taxes might be challenging and not always clear, the software makes it as easy as it gets. You will first have to open an account that requires entering some basic information, such as user name, password, etc. You will then be asked a series of questions about your marital status, family, job situation, expenses you incur, types of income that you receive, and investments you posses. The next step is to enter your personal information and start filling out federal and state section of your tax return; that’s where you are asked about your wages and income, deductions and credits, and other tax scenarios.
The software contains numerous features, some of which include:

  • Ability to import your investment information without need to type in all the numbers and risking making errors in the process, not to mention it saves time.
  • Report capital gains/losses accurately – owning stocks, mutual funds, bonds will create gains and losses because of buying and selling them or receiving fixed income; calculating them is not always straight forward task, especially for those who are active traders, and can now be done automatically and the information about open positions can be saved and carried into future reports.
  • Get help with establishing cost basis for your stocks, employee stock plans, and 401(k) maximizer; very useful, almost indispensable if financial papers sold after being hod for extended period of time.
  • Learn about options related to depreciation methods of your rental property and/or how to set up a new rental property to maximize refinancing deductions.
  • You can now import your W-2 and/or 1099 directly from many participating institutions, the software fills the forms automatically saving time and avoiding mistakes or confusion; you can review all the information and edit if necessary.

For those of you who are dipping their toes in filing taxes on your own for the first time, TurboTax Premier  is equipped with SmartCheck, a tool that verifies the accuracy of the entered information, and guarantees the forms are correct. It checks for accuracy of calculations, missing information, and common errors. This is a guarantee to avoid an IRS audit. In case TurboTax Premier makes an error calculating what you owe in taxes or a refund you’re entitled to, TurboTax will pay a potential penalty and interest that arise from that error. This gives a piece of mind that of the accuracy of the forms. On top of that, you can check for any updates in the tax law so that your report is most accurate and you have access to the latest forms and regulations.

At any given point of your tax reporting process you can access help. You have an option of TurboTax Premier to guide you through the entire process or if you have sufficient experience and feel confident, you can get the taxes done on your own. You can access information and tips on how to proceed if IRS contacts you for an audit or, for a fee, you can have a representative deal with IRS for you. Finally, there is a gauge that shows likeliness of an IRS audit based on the common items that trigger such event. By no means it’s a tool that should be used to manipulate the information being entered, rather, it gives you time to collect necessary information and prepare for a potential audit.

Among accolades the software has collected from numerous sources, TurboTax Premier 2013 is the recipient of Gold Award and ranked number 1 out of 9 online tax software compared by TopTenReviews. Among the reasons earning TurboTax Premier the top spot are ease of use and the fact that the software is up to date with all the new tax laws and is able to handle them appropriately and help achieve the highest possible tax refund possible. The software was awarded the maximum score for its features, especially the ability to accurately report taxes by asking the right questions. It was also able to detect errors planted on purpose.

Similarly, PCMag.com ranked the product “Very Good” with a score of 4.5 out of 5. The high score was based on excellent interface, guidance available at any point of tax preparation, and access to any tax topic. The fact that PCMag.com did not award TurboTax Premier with the perfect score is due to the fact that the software performs slower than the competition and its higher cost. Nevertheless, “TurboTax remains the most esthetically pleasing tax preparation site.” One more benefit and advantage mentioned is the fact that the software allows you to go back and forth between the topics even though they are not completed. The software marks the unfinished sections which you can go back to and complete whenever possible. Although it is recommended to complete the tax return in order, there might be instances when it’s necessary to save information and move on without completing it. Bottom line, “TurboTax is the best online tax-prep service for your taxes” currently available.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes” and unfortunately, we all have to deal with filing taxes. W-2’s, deduction receipts, countless statements are supposed to help us through that often unpleasant and onerous process. I say unpleasant because it costs money and requires energy but on the flip side, the biggest reward in preparing taxes is realizing that you qualify for a refund. And this is one of the reasons TurboTax Premier is a logical purchase to help you reach that goal.


As soon as Intuit releases the new TurboTax Premier 2015 for tax year 2014, come back to us here at uCouponCode.com for the latest  Turbotax coupons and discounts. We also expect the Freedom Edition to come back again as well as free offers for low-income families.  The Basic edition is also available for simple tax returns. Costco, BJ’s, and Walmart usually also carry good deals on TurboTax with coupons often available early in the season.