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Our WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 Review:

Writing is essential part of our daily lives. Whether we do it professionally, for pleasure or school work, one way or another we all have faced a need or requirement to write. WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 is sort of a digital tutor that assists you in the writing process to correct your mistakes and teach you and improve your writing, especially if you’re a student.

Its most obvious task is a spell check, but the software is not limited to that by any means. It examines your work for spelling and grammar errors (it also explains grammar mistakes so you can not only correct them but learn the rules and eliminate the errors in the future), grades it, and makes suggestions on how to improve your writing. Once you reach to WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 for help it will display all the suggestions and point to errors on one screen, as if a teacher corrected your paper. Errors and suggestions are color-coded which has a visual impact on you, giving you an immediate overview or the type of mistakes you make, prompting you to work harder and focus on the areas where the most mistakes come from.

During the writing process you can click on any word and you’ll see a box with the following options: Thesaurus, Enrichment, How to Use, Define, and Web Search. Enrichment options will make suggestions of adjectives or adverbs you can use with a particular word. Your writing is reviewed and scored, and the score is broken down into the categories of: Average Sentence Length, Passive Verbs, Negative Sentences, Informal Expressions, and Complex Words. It then gives you suggestions on how to improve your writing and you can also receive an online activity report that analyzes all the errors detected.  It will, for example, list number of subject-verb inconsistencies, confusion of closely spelled words, missing determiner, missing preposition, missing comma between dependent clauses, missing “to”, or incomplete phrases. Your writing review will grade you Poor, Fair, or Excellent and apply similar grading to sentence length and structure, redundancy, voice, informal expressions, and word choice.

Your main screen has four major tabs: Writer, Translator, Dictionary, and Templates. Writer is where the actual work happens. You can seamlessly switch between the tabs to access the other benefits of WhiteSmoke Writer 2011, mainly:

  • Templates  – over 600 templates including letters, documents, resumes, useful form for all areas numerous business departments i.e. Finance, Human Resources; they are organized in folders with subcategories for easier access.
  • Translator  – incorporated in the software, switch the tab to translate words and phrases into several languages.
  • Dictionary – expand your vocabulary with every paragraph you write; look up definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic phrases with a dictionary tool integrated in the software.

WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 offers different versions of its software in order to service the appropriate professions, namely: General, Business, Creative, Medical, and Executive. The backbone of each version is grammar and spell check, dictionary/thesaurus, and style check. What distinguishes them are the templates, word enrichment, and glossary appropriate to each field.

TopTenReviews ranked it highest among comparable products in the writing software category, underlining its grammar checker and translation capabilities. It wasn’t pleased with its capacity, as it can check up to 3,000 characters at a time, so for longer writing pieces, you would have to break them up. None of the other competing product scored 4 out of 4 in TopTenReviews ranking.

WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 obtained the maximum score for its editing tools (spelling, grammar, suggestions, explanations), reference tools (dictionary, thesaurus, templates, translator, tutorials), performance (accuracy, checking speed, ability to incorporate with word processor), and technical and help support. For all the features WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 received the highest TopTenReviews accolades with its 2011 Gold Reward.

As soon as White Smoke Writer 2012 is released, then we will update this page with all of our deals here at uCouponCode.com.